Our Bright Future campaign

How did the campaign come about?
In 2018, young people created the hashtag #OwningIt and took social media by storm, showing how the future of young people is interlinked with the future of the environment. Many of them took action for the environment across the UK and inspired others to do the same. Have a read of Zach’s blog to get a flavour!
Their amazing actions improved hundreds of communities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 
More than 300 young people answered the question:
 ‘If you could change one thing for you and the environment, what would this be?’
We collected more than 700 ideas from young people and youth workers during eight events and youth-led research.
Young people replied that they wanted three key changes around the following themes:
  • Ask 1: more time spent learning in and about nature
  • Ask 2: support to get into environmental jobs
  • Ask 3: policy makers, employers, businesses, schools and charities to pay more attention to the needs of young people and the environment
What’s an ‘ask’?
An ask is a change we want to happen; most often a positive change in society. An ask sets out the ambition we have and often comes with a short explanation about how we want people to help us achieve it.
Asks are often created to compliment a campaign; a long-term plan to raise awareness about and address a particular issue. In our case, the three asks aim to address issues that affect both young people and the environment.
Progress so far 
The Our Bright Future Youth Forum members have been trained by campaigning experts and learnt more about speaking with decision makers and influencing power.
Our Bright Future and the General Election, click here to read our statement