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Field Studies Council courses for 16-24 year olds
FSC have released their 2018 calendar of opportunities for young people which include events such as marine science camp and conservation and biodiversity (plus many more). There are opportunities available across the UK.
View the flyer here for full details.
Image ©FSC
Prince’s Trust annual youth index published
The Prince’s Trust has published its annual youth index, looking at the views and outlooks of young people aged 16-25 in the UK. Finding from a survey of 2,194 young people include: the overall level of happiness and confidence young people feel in their lives is at the lowest since 2009.
Read the full report here.
2018/19 funding available for planting orchards
Are you a YMCA or Foyer site? Thinking of planting a new orchard? Fruit-full Communities is looking for applications from new sites for funding to plant small orchards in 2018/19. If you think you could benefit from £3,000 towards creating a space for fruit trees plus another £1,000 for staff costs get in touch.
Find out more on the Fruitfull Communities website
Image ©LearningThroughLandscapes
12 ways to help wildlife
Download the guide to easy wildlife activities that you can do each month in 2018.
Image ©Pixabay
Startup Stock Photos
Grants available for web development 
Do your 2018 plans involve improving your organisation’s website? Grants are available from the Transform Foundation to help you.
Image ©Pexels
Hill Holt Wood petition 
There is a proposal for a meat rendering plant next to Hill Holt Wood, where the Growing Up Green project takes place. Please sign the petition here to help them avoid a very smelly woodland for their activities.
Image ©HillHoltWood
7. Green Wood Working 2
UnLtd walking tour
The Spaces4Change project supports young people to set-up and run social ventures that unlock the potential of unused or under-utilised spaces for the benefit of the local community. This month they led a walking tour round east London to celebrate some of these ventures. Don’t worry, you don’t need to get your walking boots on; they’ve written a blog all about it.
Image ©UnLtd
Refill app 
If you’re out and about and have run out of water there is a solution that doesn’t involve buying yet another single use plastic bottle. Cafes, bars, banks and other businesses are welcoming people to come and fill up their water bottle for free. All you need is the app to find out which businesses offer this service. Download the app and start reducing single use plastic bottles today.
Natural Health Service
Wildlife volunteers get mental health boost
The Wildlife Trust released a new report earlier this month that explores the effects of volunteering in nature on people’s mental health. The Guardian describes the potential for the ‘natural health service’ to ease the burden on the NHS.
Image ©TheWildlifeTrustforLancashireManchesterandNorthMerseyside