Each quarter we publish Our Bright Future programme highlights. Here are the latest ones:
Seminar 2019
The largest Our Bright Future all project seminar yet! 
Nearly 100 Our Bright Future project staff and Youth Forum members met in Belfast to celebrate their achievements and plan for the year ahead. In attendance were the CEO of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the Senior Education and Engagement Officer for the UK Parliament. 
Friends of the Earth
National Trust
Hill Holt Wood
Three young people from the My World My Home project were invited to listen to Greta Thunberg, Michael Gove and Caroline Lucas speak in Parliament
Anti-bullying ambassadors revamped a school garden to use as a safe space with pupils who feel vulnerable. 
(Middlesbrough Environment City: One Planet Pioneers project) 
Allotment flyers are translated into Polish and Russian so that more people in the community can get involved 
(Probe: Youth In Nature project) 
Pizza were enjoyed by 100 visitors to a community garden after the team constructed a pizza oven.
(Impact Arts: Creative Pathways for Environment Design project) 
‘I’m learning new skills which can help me in the future. The more skills you can learn, the better. Now I have more options.’ 
(Young person from the Welcome to the Green Economy project at Groundwork London) 
Groundwork London