Owning It campaign

‘Owning It’ is a public engagement campaign to raise awareness of the fact that the future of young people is bound up in the future of the environment.
The campaign aims to:
  • Raise awareness about the Our Bright Future programme
  • Engage young people who are not currently taking part in the programme
  • Bring together all the Our Bright Future projects for a united campaign
We are asking organisations, projects and young people both within and outside of Our Bright Future to join the Owning It movement. We want to illustrate the large-scale impact that can be made to the environment when many people take small actions. This is a great opportunity to share ideas, gain new skills and connect with others.
Use ‘It’s #OurBrightFuture and we’re #OwningIt!’ on social media to be included in our Tagboard below and share the actions you’ve been taking in your community.
Want to know more? Download our full campaign toolkit, complete with activity ideas and suggested social media posts.