Natural Estates

Project name: Natural Estates

Lead organisation: Avon Wildlife Trust and Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Project partners: Social housing providers, local authorities, youth support organisations, schools and colleges

Project summary:

This five year project will see young people living in social housing become a catalyst for significant change in the way their local green space is managed. Participants will learn about, shape and improve green spaces at six social housing sites. The targeted sites are in deprived areas with high unemployment.

It will enable young people to gain new skills relevant to finding jobs, training, volunteering opportunities and starting entrepreneurial projects that will contribute to the green economy.

Communities will be inspired about the environment and stimulated into action and community cohesion. Young people will consult with the wider community to lead environmental change that will benefit everybody. Those most involved will become Garden Mentors helping their community’s most in need residents to care for their gardens.

Project outcomes:

  • 7100 young people living in social housing will feel a greater sense of ownership for their local green spaces. 200 young people will be trained and empowered to lead change and make improvements to their green spaces
  • 1100 young people will gain real world skills and experience to help them secure employment and improve life chances. There will be improved green infrastructure on six social housing sites with enhanced corridors for wildlife and people
  • Across generations, the wider social housing community will be better connected to enjoy and support the rich display of nature on their doorstep, improving health and wellbeing.

Primary counties working in: Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset, Gloucestershire

Website: Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and Avon Wildlife Trust

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