Our Wild Coast

Project name: Our Wild Coast

Lead organisation: North Wales Wildlife Trust

Project summary:   

This 5 year project, ‘Our Wild Coast’, will provide opportunities for young people (ages 11-19) of coastal North Wales to discover, understand and undertake positive action for local wildlife. In doing so, young people will be offered opportunities to enhance their personal, social and political development and foster a generation who are motivated to become stewards of the environment and local community.

Project outcomes: 

  • Increased awareness of 1440 young people in North Wales about the ‘special-ness’ of their coastal environment and how the vocational skills they have developed can continue to contribute to its conservation
  • Improvement in the environmental condition of 30 existing designated sites around the North Wales coast thanks to the intervention of young people
  • The creation or identification of 64 new sites of wildlife value as a result of projects led by young people in their local communities
  • Increased community cohesion as a result of wider involvement in the project’s activities.

Primary counties working in: Gwynedd, Anglesey, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire

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