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Our Bright Future is an ambitious and innovative partnership led by The Wildlife Trusts which brings together the youth and environmental sectors. This £33 million programme, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, is formed of 31 projects across the UK. Each project is helping young people aged 11-24 gain vital skills and experience and improve their wellbeing. At the same time, they act as catalysts for delivering change for their local environment and community; whilst contributing to a greener economy.
The projects are hugely diverse and address multiple issues and challenges faced by young people. There is one theme that brings all the projects together: the focus on young people and the environment. Young people are developing knowledge, skills, resilience and confidence to increase their employability and wellbeing. At the same time, young people are supported so that they have influence in shaping their local environment. Our Bright Future is ambitious and we are excited about what we can achieve together.
New community spaces are being created. Gardens and orchards nurtured. Young people are growing in confidence and improving their employability and wellbeing. Start-up enterprises are being awarded grants. Our Bright Future is improving the environment and young people’s lives, as well as enhancing community cohesion and contributing to a greener economy.
Our Bright Future is run by a partnership of eight organisations which is led by The Wildlife Trusts. The partnership has more than 40 years of combined experience in managing social and environmental grant programmes totalling nearly £300 million. The partnership has a proven track record of empowering young people. Representatives from each project, aged between 13 and 24, come together to form the Our Bright Future Youth Forum. They are working together to shape the programme. Find out what they are up to.