Anna Heathcote is the new Communications Officer for Our Bright Future.
Coming from a charity background, it has been a very natural transition into the Wildlife Trusts’ Our Bright Future team in Newark. Prior to joining the team I juggled two roles, one with fellow conservation charity the RSPB, and the other with local community development charity Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS). It was a privilege to be based at the RSPB’s Langford Lowfields reserve and I was involved in onsite interpretation, event organisation and volunteer management; all of which stand me in good stead for the work here at Our Bright Future. If you are in the Nottinghamshire area, I do urge you to visit the site and keep an eye out for bearded tits!
Prior to that I ran a freelance communications business and have been a communications executive at The Woodland Trust. Already I am enjoying being back in campaign meetings and the creativity of shaping an evolving programme. I am passionate about inspiring others to make a difference and learn new skills which is why Our Bright Future is such a great movement to be a part of. My academic background is in International Development. Some of my fondest memories have been volunteering overseas and then leading volunteer teams in Eastern Europe. Reading about the projects, genuinely excites me and taps into the same emotions as when I was involved in projects in Zambia or The Dominican Republic. Geographically they may be the other side of the world but the bottom line is that people with vision are improving their communities and environment.
Our Bright Future is like nothing I’ve come across before, hence why I was itching to get involved. The coming together of 31 projects to share successes, learn from one another and ultimately be greater than the sum of its parts is radical and innovative within the sector. This year will be a very special one for the programme as we launch the public campaign. This means that even if you are unable to take part in a specific project, you can engage with the vision for change in your own unique way.
Watch this space over the coming months for further campaign developments. I look forward to seeing Our Bright Future take its rightful place as a trailblazer within the youth and environmental sectors. We’re onto something good!