16-year-old Jordan Havell won the Nature Ranger Award from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust for his awareness raising of stranded cetaceans. After battling to save a porpoise on a beach near his home, he circulated a poster from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, giving vital information to people if they found themselves in a similar position. He also designed his own poster suitable for the Isle of Guernsey. Many coastal councils across the UK received these posters so they were aware who to call if they found a stranded mammal. He now volunteers with the SeaWatch Foundation to help with whale and dolphin watches and at Gibraltar Point as an information officer. He was recently invited to Downing Street.
‘I want to share my story with Our Bright Future as it shows that through campaigning and taking action for the environment, you really can make a difference. I recently had the honour of visiting 10 Downing Street. This was to meet with Sir John Randall MP, who is the Prime Minister’s environmental advisor. I was really excited as we approached the front door and were ushered inside. I was one of four young people chosen to attend as I was nominated by the Marine Conservation Society because of my marine work and stranded mammals campaign. We got to discuss these issues during our meeting and we were then lucky enough to have a tour of the building which was wonderful. I felt so lucky to have had such a rare opportunity and hope to stay in touch with Sir John Randall and the other young people I met on the day.’