As Our Bright Future Ambassadors, this is your chance to share the great things that Our Bright Future has to offer, and the positive experiences we have all had – and will have in the future. We care about the future of our planet and our young people.
We invest in each other and are looking for support on our Three Asks:
  1. Educate and inform people about Our Bright Future
  2. Share the impact we make
  3. Encourage others to get involved, take action and change the world
What does it mean to be an Ambassador?
You are the voice and face of Our Bright Future. We want to share your stories, experiences and perspective to help share the impact and value of our programme with the world. We will help to give you the tools and resources to be successful.
What does our Ambassador programme entail?
Our three-month programme is composed of training, mentoring and support for our Ambassadors.
We will also give you the tools to share your successes on our digital channels.
Our toolkits include:
Social Media 101: How to do what we do!
Social Media 101: Branding – what makes a brand and why?
Campaigns: What makes a Campaign Great? What campaigns inspire you?
Media Training: How to do an interview
Blogging: How to write a blog
Our Bright Future Brand Ambassador’s
This is your chance to be the face of Our Bright Future!
Share your creativity
Have fun! Share your experiences through video, photos, or reels.
Share your positivity
We want to see Our Bright Future from your perspective.
Share your ideas
This is your programme, too!  Let’s create something wonderful together.
Get in touch with our team:
Ashleigh Carter (she/her)
Our Bright Future Apprentice
01636 670038
Cath Hare (she/her)
Head of Grants
01636 670083
07833 017167