Be the face of Our Bright Future!

  This blog is written by 22 year old Ashleigh, the Our Bright Future apprentice who is excited about bringing together the environmental leaders of tomorrow.     We are a youth led organisation and we need youth leaders. We are launching an amazing opportunity for young brand ambassadors to passionately represent Our Bright Future [...]

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The Climate Hot Seat – Putting leaders’ feet to the fire

This blog is written by Emily Beever, Senior Development Officer at YouthLink Scotland. In the past, young people have often been portrayed as uninterested in elections or apolitical. This couldn’t be further from my experience of supporting a group of 15 young people to organise a national youth environmental hustings in advance of the Scottish [...]

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A Day in the Life of a Beekeeper in Lockdown

Being a “Bee You” beekeeper in lockdown has had its challenges but the team adapted and embraced the opportunities it posed for us. Teaching beekeeping took on a whole new life of its own purely because it’s a very hands-on practical and visual subject. Aspects which were taken for granted in the classroom or training [...]

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Can Nature Help With Our Mental Health?

This blog is written by Kirstie Andrews, Youth Council member at The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside. Can nature really help our mental health? I am a young person and have struggled with my mental health since being a child - I mostly struggle with depression and anxiety. I have lived in [...]

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Share Learn Improve – what, why and how

Any partnership programme should add up to more than the sum of its parts and it’s a well-known fact that partnership collaborations typically achieve more than organisations or projects working in isolation. So, when Our Bright Future - one of the largest partnership collaborations funded through the National Lottery Communities Fund was being conceived - [...]

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14 year old Emma and her scout group explored the outdoors, helped to protect insects and had lots of fun while doing so! “A few weeks ago in our Scout meeting we headed out into the dark, with head-torches and wooly hats. We split into groups, grabbed trowels and bulbs and set off. Using the [...]

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Your hidden water use

This blog is written by Rebecca Farrar, a Geography and Environmental Science student and Avon Wildlife Trust’s Our Bright Future Youth Forum Representative. What comes to mind when you think of reducing water use? You will probably jump straight to having shorter showers, installing smart meters and turning off taps. All of which is important [...]

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