We’re calling for policy makers to fund a new scheme that would allow the environmental sector to support young people into green jobs.
Why are we asking for this?
With a joined-up approach to investment, we believe that policy-makers can address youth unemployment (or poor employment) while tackling the climate crisis and recovering the UK’s natural environment.
As Our Bright Future projects have shown, having working experience in the environmental sector has multiple benefits on young people’s
  • employability
  • engagement with nature
  • personal development
  • health and wellbeing
Currently, young people face barriers to employment in the environmental sector due to the level of experience, or formal qualifications, expected for many jobs. There is a need for more entry-level positions for young people who are just starting out in the sector, as well as support to help them seek out and access these opportunities.
What are environmental careers?
When you think of careers in the environmental sector, you might picture hands-on conservation work – but there’s actually a vast array of jobs! In our event Environmental Careers: Young People’s Q&A we featured young speakers from a range of roles – including a Communications Officer, Marine Pollution Officer and Senior Parliamentary Officer – highlighting the variety of careers available. Watch the recording of the event below.
Do you know someone who is interested in working in the environmental sector? Or are you a young person looking to start your journey? Check out some of the useful links below to get started:
  • Our Bright Future’s newsletter and opportunities page: we share jobs, training, events and activities being promoted by at least 50 organisations involved in the programme across the UK
  • Belfast Hills Environmental Careers Resource Pack: a fantastic digital resource featuring biographies of different environmental careers, tips on applying for jobs and FAQs
  • Environment Job: The latest UK based jobs in conservation, wildlife, ecology, sustainability and environmental education jobs
  • Countryside Jobs Service: Current vacancies, professional training courses and events
  • Green Jobs: A specialist job board that focuses on jobs and careers in the green industry sector, both in the UK and globally
  • Charity Job: The only job board created for charity, not for profit, third sector and voluntary jobs
  • Change Agents UK: Experts in sustainability recruitment! Supporting young people who wish to use their careers to make a positive difference
  • Shropshire Wildlife Trust careers booklet: Featuring real life case studies and detailed role requirements, A Career in the Environment is a brilliant guide for young people considering a career in the environmental sector
How can I get involved?
We have conducted research to demonstrate the positive impact that job schemes in the environmental sector have on young people’s lives. You can read our full report here, or a shorter summary here. As part of our research, we are continuing to collect stories from young people who have got a job as a result of having work experience in the environmental sector. So, if you have a great story to tell us, please share it with us by sending an email to ourbrightfuture@wildlifetrusts.org.
Currently we’re working with a number of organisations to develop and promote the National Natural Service. This initiative calls on the UK Government to announce a major funding package to provide new green jobs and training through nature recovery work. The National Nature Service would offer living wage jobs on nature projects to unemployed people, helping to tackle our employment and nature crises, boost our green recovery from Covid-19 and leave a legacy of healthier, greener communities. You can add your support for the National Nature Service by signing this declaration.