The Green Futures project provided environmental opportunities for young people in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding area. It was made up of four discrete elements – Green Guardians, Young Rangers, Dales & Fells Trainees, and Eco-Schools. Some of the key successes of the project were:
  • engaging 8051 young people
  • successfully completing 851 environmental enhancement projects for green, blue and built environment spaces
  • fourteen Dales and Fells Trainees secured permanent employment at the end of their apprenticeships, with eight staying on as permanent employees with their work placement employers
  • awarding funding from the Youth Environmental Action Fund to help deliver 33 community environmental action projects, all designed and led by young people
  • the recognition by partners of the value and importance of having young people represented at a strategic level within their organisations. Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and Cumbria Wildlife Trust have all appointed at least one young person to join their Boards as a result of the project
“Without my apprenticeship, there’s a very good chance I would still be stuck in a job I didn’t want to be in, working all hours under the sun and not feeling fulfilled. But now I am exceeding my own expectations and enjoying work for the first time. I have just been offered a job working for one of the UK’s biggest conservation charities…. an opportunity I am so unbelievably excited for and would probably never have gotten if it weren’t for my previous experience in conservation.”
(Case Study Interview, Dales & Fells Trainee)
The project’s Youth Environment Forum and Annual Summits provided an excellent space for young people to explore wider environmental issues. Young people were directly involved in the planning and delivery of both sets of events, choosing which subjects to explore and covering a wide range of environmental issues that have resonated with young people at both a local and global level.
“I pay attention to what I’m buying. I reduce things I can’t use more than once and I’m aware of things that need to happen to make change.” Participant, Youth Environment Summit
Jade completed an apprenticeship with Cumbria Wildlife Trust, you can read the blog she wrote about her journey. Melanie took part in the project and wrote a blog with top tips for an ethical Christmas. Ellie was the first young trustee at Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, you can read her blog entitled ‘how young people can influence change’. You can also read about Abbi and Sian’s experiences on the project. Want to learn more?
Have a read of the Green Futures evaluation report.