Growing Confidence was an exciting project delivered in partnership with Fordhall Community Land Initiative and the Field Studies Council. 
Shropshire Wildlife Trust delivered the following activities: 
  • Make my Weekends Wild – monthly practical conservation days providing 11 -24’s volunteering opportunities to learn conservation skills, whilst discovering more about the wildlife and habitats of Shropshire 
  • Question Time (online) – a series of monthly online events focused on hot environmental topics, with talks from experts followed by an opportunity for questions and debating 
  • Youth for the Wild – a forum organised by young people for young people, aimed at encouraging 11-24’s to be more aware of the environment. Monthly sessions included social events, talks, training and careers advice 
  • Wild Roots – an environmentally focused youth group helping to support grass roots action in young people 
  • Alternative curriculum activity – engaging young people at risk of exclusion in practical environmental activity 
  • University summer placements, work experience and traineeships 
Fordhall Community Land Initiative delivered alternative curriculum activity on the site of at its Community Farm. The team worked intensively with very small groups (2:1) of young people who struggled to engage in conventional education settings. Through agricultural and conservation activities young people were helped to develop their skills, confidence and self-esteem to help them to prepare for life post GCSE’s. Support in their career progression was also provided through the provision of an AQA Certification. 
Field Studies Council (FSC) delivered specialist environmental training courses (day and residential) for young people on subjects such as species identification and habitat management. It also offered work experience and volunteering 
  • 6081 young people were engaged with the project 
  • 87 young people under threat of exclusion from school undertook training places 
  • 180 young people gained a John Muir Award 
  • 94 young people gained a minimum of 5 day work placements 
 When it comes to my experience from the project, I just couldn’t state how brilliant it has been in the right words. This project has paved a corridor for me to get my foot through the door in the conservation sector, and I am now on a steady track towards achieving my career goals. I really mean it when I say if it wasn’t for this traineeship and project, I don’t think I would be working in this sector right now no matter how hard I’d tried, I’m just so grateful it came along.” 
You can read about Dan’s experiences in this blog, learn more about the John Muir Award in Bryony’s blog and read Phoebe’s story hereYou can also learn more by downloading the Growing Confidence evaluation report.