Who runs the Milestones project? Wiltshire Wildlife Trust
Where is the project? Wiltshire  
How old do I need to be? 11-24 years old  
How often can I go? It varies from a few hours per week to multiple days per week
What is it? The opportunity for you to do environmental training and accreditation. The sessions include practical activities on nature reserves, a Care Farm and local green spaces
How much does it cost? It’s free!
Can I join? The Milestones project is only available by referral as you need to have specific learning, social and emotional difficulties, be at risk from exclusion, be a young carer or young offender or not be in education, employment or training
Who do I contact? rbush@wiltshirewildlife.org
Can I follow Milestones on social media? Yes, Milestones is on Twitter
Can I read what someone else thought of Milestones? Yes, read Harry’s story or Emily’s story