Our Wild Coast aimed to improve the lives of young people in North Wales through their understanding and enhancements of coastal environments and communities. The project officers ran an array of different activities, including practical conservation work, educational sessions, species surveying, marine conservation, exciting outdoor activities and volunteering opportunities. 
  • Our Wild Coast engaged 1,531 young people 
  • 23 young people engaged with traineeships and gained first aid qualifications and AQA awards 
  • 197 young people received John Muir awards 
  • 5 young people completed an internship 
  • 45 spaces were improved for nature (community garden, nature reserves, woodlands, school spaces, allotment, parks/playgrounds, beaches and rivers) 
In 2019 the team ran a traineeship programme which gave 10 young people the opportunity to take part in practical conservation and learn about a myriad of topics from staff at NWWT. Patrycja took part in the traineeship and wrote about her experience. 
“each day was filled with new activities ranging from rock pooling to first aid training, so after the 2 fun-packed weeks I had so many new experiences and skills I could present on my CV” 
Emma was one of the five project interns on Our Wild Coast – read her story here. 
Finn was inspired by Our Bright Future’s Ask 1 so he wrote to his MP to ask that the Government enable school children to have one hour of lesson time outdoors each day – read about his experience and advice in this blog. 
Learn more about young people’s experiences of the project by reading Paige’s blog and Francis’ story. You can also learn more by downloading the Our Wild Coast evaluation.