Student Eats increased the availability of sustainable food on university and college campuses through the establishment of 65 new social enterprises that sold more than £150,000 worth of sustainable food. 
  • 65 new social enterprises were created 
  • more than 3000 young people developed and improved a range of skills 
  • enterprises sold more than £150,000 of sustainable food 
  • the project created, expanded or improved 58 food growing sites 
  • 11.5 tonnes of surplus food was diverted from landfill  
Students engaged in a wide range of activities including selling produce they had grown, foraging, making preserves from their own produce or from food that would otherwise have been wasted, learning to cook healthy sustainable meals, improving the biodiversity of their growing sites and connecting with their communities by donating to local charities, selling to local customers, or helping local people in need.  
I’ve learnt so much. Learnt how to work as a part of a team, how to get other people involved and excited in projects. I’ve built a lot of confidence and learnt a lot about public speaking, and also defending my own point of view.” Student volunteer 
As part of the legacy of the project, a range of online resources (available on the SOS-UK website) have been developed to support students to set up and run sustainable food social enterprises.  
Learn more about young people’s experiences of the project by reading Amy’ story and Jake’s story. You can also read the Student Eats evaluation report here.