Who runs the Welcome to the Green Economy project? Groundwork London
Where is the project? London
How old do I need to be? 11-24 years old
How often can I go? Up to three school workshops if you are 11-18 years old. Six month work placements for if you are over 18.
What is it? There are three strands to the project:
  • Window: Workshops in secondary schools which explore the green economy and green jobs across the water, waste, land and energy sectors.
  • Welcome: Vocational training opportunities
  • Work:  A paid work placement for three days per week for six months for if you are not in education, employment or training
How much does it cost? It’s free! The school workshops are free, and you will receive a wage on the work placement
Can I join? Yes, contact the Welcome to the Green Economy team 
Who do I contact?  denise.hales@groundwork.org.uk (if you are a young person) or arthur.shearlaw@groundwork.org.uk (if you are a school)
Can I read what someone else thought of Welcome to the Green Economy? Yes, read John’s story