Our Bright Future is working with 100,000 young people at 31 projects across the UK. Here are some of their stories:

5 North Wales Wildlife Trust (19)
Ajai National Trust Homepage
Thomas Real Stories Friends of the Earth
Homepage with credits 350x350 010618
Real stories photo credits 2102182
Abbi Real Stories Homepage
Declan Real Stories Homepage
Homepage with credits 350x350 0106183
Jack Real Stories Homepage
Alanna Belfast Hills Homepage 350x350 161019
Helena Feedback Homepage 350x350
Keanu Groundwork London Homepage 350x350
Homepage with credits 350x350 0106187
Amy NUS homepage
Emile Groundwork London homepage
Kako Feedback homepage
Laura Belfast Hills Homepage
Steven Shropshire homepage
Homepage 350x350 images4
Homepage 350x350 images
Homepage 350x350 images2
Farhana Real Stories Groundwork London
Jake Real Stories vinspired
Sian Real Stories Green Futures
Jess Falkland Stewardship Trust
Eoghan Real Stories 350x350
Phoebe Real Story Shropshire Wildlife Trust
Francis real stories 350x350
Sian at the Green Academies Project
Aaron Real Stories 350x350
Adnan Real Stories 350x350
Amy at Growing Up Green
Homepage with credits 350x350 0106182
Farid at Green Leaders
Fernando Real Stories Homepage

Whilst the majority of the names and images are those of the case study themselves, some have the name changed or a generic project image to protect the identity of the young person.