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18 year old Farhad is an Afghani from Helmand Province who arrived in the UK as an unaccompanied minor in 2016. He was living in the care system and on top of his college studies, wanted to find active ways to participate in community life. He heard about the gleaning opportunities through Brighton Table Tennis Club, who organised a minibus to take volunteers to a sweetcorn farm. Gleaning is the harvesting of produce that would have gone to waste. Farhad went on to attend two apple gleaning days in the autumn too. He was described by the team as a ‘gleaning machine’ as he always harvested much more than his share. He recently gained a table tennis coaching qualification and is planning to attend more gleaning days this year. Despite personal adversity, he is very capable and determined to help others.


Find out more about the From Farm to Fork project which offers gleaning days around with Feedback and community cooking opportunities with Foodcycle all over the UK.